Toontrack MIDI Library

Midi Drum Library Collection for Superior Drummer EZ Drummer | 44.83 MB

Contains most of the expansion packs available with a few others thrown in from other sources such as Platinum Samples e.c.t

NY Vol1, EZP Free, NY Vol 2, C&V, Music City, Metal Foundry, Roots, DFH EZD Libraries – Demos, Pop Rock, EZX – Amricana, Cocktail, Claustrophobic, DFH, Electronic, Funkmasters, Indie Folk, Jazz, Latin Percussion, Metal, Metal Machine, MetalHeadz, Nashville, No 1 Hits, Pop!, Rock, Rock Solid, The Blues, The Classic, Twisted, Vintage – Add ons Blues, LOTEXtrem 1,2 & 3, Monster Midi 1,2,3 & 4, Rock Songs, Songwriters Drumpack 1,2 &3, Songwriters Fillpack 1, Smartloops Vol 1-5, 19 Groove Monkee Packs, Andy Johnson, Bobby Jarzombek, Joe Baresi Evil Drums, 9 ODD Grooves packs, Carter Beauford, Clyde Stubblefield, Gavin Harrisson, Gene Hoglan, Seine Rieniert, Steven Slate & Jerry Lyons

Is numbered , in an orderded fashion so that you can just drag & Drop the whole midi file into your root folder on superior drummer.
Any you don’t want, just sift through and disregard what you don’t need. Remember the numbering of files may change the appearance of your browser in Superior Drummer unless you just drag the whole midi folder in and add on any extra bits you need. May be of use to someone.

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