Techno Delight UNLOCKED

15 Jan 2020 | 0.1 MB

In the pack, you’ll find a great mix of bass and lead sounds, one-hit synth drum sounds, cool sequences, pads, effects, and synth-string sounds. Created by the sonic geniuses of Solidtrax, the presets in this sound pack use 2 of Arturia’s recreated synths: Jup-8 V and Mini V. The originals of these instruments were some of the most influential synths in early techno production. Each sound has a unique characteristic that is directly controlled by the mod-wheel, letting you easily tweak and twist your sounds on the fly, or create easy, great sounding automation.

Analog Lab also lays out all of the most important parameters of the sound before you, letting you go a bit deeper in the tone and behaviour of the patch. If you’re a techno-head, Techno Delight will give you a great inspiration boost and a whole new range of exciting sounds to explore. If you just love awesome synth sounds, you’re in for a treat!

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