TEAM R2R KONTAKT Manager v1.1.12-R2R


TEAM R2R KONTAKT Manager v1.1.12

Team R2R | 04 Jun 2024 | 0.9MB

A witch says,

TEAM R2R presents a valid library installation / license generation tool for KONTAKT 6.6 and later.

You can easily add all your collection at once for known libraries. All now and then formats, KOMPAKT, INTAKT, KONTAKT 1.X, NKX, NICNT libraries can be located like official Native-
Access does, for the latest KONTAKT.


v1.1.12 – Internal product database is updated to 2024-JUNE.

INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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One Comment on “TEAM R2R KONTAKT Manager v1.1.12-R2R”

  1. Mac users are dying for this.
    We get about 20 mins with libraries before they ask for activation + we cannot save patches (Always in demo mode).
    Konkakt 6.6+ on Mac manages to get past every firewall block via Little Snitch. Block everything and when it asks for the licence, a link appears to NI, and it works, opening Firefox. Even when Native Access isn’t running, or the daemon in the background and both programs are blocked.
    They must have some secret program.
    If R2R reads this. It will be a major challenge. If you decide to do it, all the best.
    The Kittyscript only adds libaries, they still remain in demo mode and timebomb.

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