Supermodal 0.5.0 Unlocked-r4e


Supermodal 0.5.0 Unlocked-r4e

r4e | November 25th 2022 | Sizes: 23,8MB

Polyverse Supermodal is a powerful filter with a modern sound that will make your music resonate. It remodels ordinary tracks utilizing its powerful Modal filter that emulates sonic characteristics modeled from a wide range resonating bodies. Combined with a parallel state-variable filter and expansive modulation system, a single audio signal can be manipulated into a wide array of frequencies to create shimmering cinematic soundscapes, pulsating rhythms, pads with harmonic motion, or anything else you can dream up.

* No serial key input needed
* Update Checks / potential Home Calling disabled
* All plugins unlocked (VST2, VST3 & AAX)

Additional Info’s:
The AAX plugins are unlocked as well! To use them, you need
an unlocked AAX Host like Avid Pro Tools 2021.7.0 by R2R

Install Notes:
1. Run the setup.
2. Select the options you want to use & install
3. Enjoy!


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