Sturmsounds Kawinski KONTAKT


Kawinski is a really powerful and analog sounding Synthesizer for Kontakt.

+ 2x LFOs (6 Waveforms) Speed / Depth
+ 2x VCO (15 Waveforms)
+ 2x Transpose, 2x Finetune
+ 2x Filter (Lowpass, Bandpass)
+ 1x Hp-filter
+ 2x ENV VCO Pitch
+ 2x ENV VCF
+ 1x ADSR Volume
+ 1x VCO Mixer
+ 1x Delay
+ 1x Reverb
+ 1x Bitcrusher
+ 1x Saturation
+ 1x Compressor
+ 1x Chorus
+ 1X Panorama for each VCO

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.0.1 or above

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