Steinberg WaveLab v6.1-AiRISO [WIN]

TEAM AIR |October 2009| 64,8 MB

Wavelab ‘s latest tricks include a revolutionary Spectrum Editor, which allows you to identify problem areas in your material visually before applying extremely precise restoration processes.

Since its first release in 1996, Philippe Goutier’s Wavelab application has jumped to the next major revision every couple of years. Each new version has managed to add numerous new features and improvements without sacrificing stability or performance. Given that Wavelab 5 already included more features than many musicians could shake a stick at, some may have wondered if there were any more new features that could possibly be added.

Wavelab 6 proves them wrong, but one new addition may not be as welcome as the others. For the first time ever, Wavelab is protected by a USB dongle. The full version is supplied with a Synchrosoft dongle identical to that used by Cubase SX, Nuendo 2 and 3, Hypersonic and Halion 3. Wavelab upgrades don’t include this dongle, but if you already own any of the aforementioned products you can use its dongle to authorise Wavelab 6. Those upgrading without a suitable dongle can buy one from Arbiter for £20 (it must be bought at the same time as the upgrade, though).
Spectrum Display

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