Steinberg Cubase SX VST Plugins Packs 1 & 2 UNLOCKED

Team FATALiTY | 2002 | Size: 3.7 MB

This release contains the VST effects found in Steinberg’s sequencer Cubase SX that have been cracked and unlocked for use in ANY DAWs/sequencers that support the VST format. Also works in the latest versions of Cubase Pro 9/10.

These unlocked plugins can be used with jBridge (or any other bridge), if you want to run them in any 64 bit host.

Included VST/VSTi plugins:
Chorus v1.1.0 VST
DeEsser v2.0.0 VST
DoubleDelay v1.2.0 VST
Flanger v1.1.0 VST
ModDelay v1.1.0 VST
Overdrive v1.1.0 VST
Phaser v1.1.0 VST
QuadraFuzz v1.1.0 VST
Symphonic v1.1.0 VST
TrueTape v1.01 VST
Uv22 v1.0.2.4 VST
Uv22 hr v1.0.0.6 VST
Chopper v1.0 VST
RingModulator v1.0 VST
Rotary v1.1 VST
DaTube v1.10 VST
Metalizer v1.0 VST
BitCrusher v1.1 VST
Tranceformer v1.0 VST
CS40 *Working* v1.001 VSTi

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