Steel and Metal Supplies WAV

11 January 2020 | 432 MB

…for those who want their music to leave a bruise. 5 full stems of drone and atmospherics, 67 loops and over 20 one shots. We’ve just unleashed a product which is as brutally physical as music making materials are going to get. Sounds that are as cold as concrete walls, basslines that put up a foundation stronger than steel beams and kick drums which hit just about as mercilessly as getting smacked in the face with a titanium baseball bat. This is a serious toolbox of audio elements which will hurt those who come into direct contact with it. ‘Steel & Metal Supplies’ is exactly what the name implies. It’s a factory sized stockpile of perfectly created materials made for those who want their music to leave a bruise. Our IRRUPT team utilized a pure eurorack modular sound designer for this one, resulting in a seriously exclusive roster of sounds and loops. It’s for producers who want to make music for Skynet’s first Terminator themed nightclub. Industrial Techno in the main room, dark evil drone soundscapes in the lounge. Found inside this product are 540MB of sturdy bits and pieces of audio. 5 full stems of drone and atmospheric sounds, 67 loops and over 20 one shots. All with the shared collective theme of gritty, grimy and indestructible music making capability.

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