SPEKTR3 Pro EQ-Mastering Racks (Updated)

SPEKTR3 | 07 Jebruary 2020 | 362 MB

Since 4 years I grew up listening to FM radio flashback / dance so I did not stop. My dream of adolescence was to be a DJ to the 16years, I learned to DJ I was improving over the years and consequently to equalize and master my DJsets

In September 2016 I opened SPEKTR3 to help / welcome novice producers who participated in remix-contests and Facebook groups and did not win because of various details that I have been correcting, thus achieving autonomy and legal quality within the record company.
Reason = To improve quality, to avoid that many give up the dream of being a producer and to work in team making friends too.

After these 3 years of record label I release to everybody on the planet my racks of mixing and mastering with guides teaching to use several plugins and still with 4 incredible bonus packages
It is a valuable material for all producers and it is important that it spread throughout the whole planet will make it easier for thousands of producers to learn to mix and master perfectly both in Mix-in-the-Box and also in physical equipment because of their levels of perfect frequencies and parameters. Here are the personal results of 6 years of study in mixing and mastering.


Presets and Guides for:

Slate Digital FG-X
Slate Digital VBC Rack
Eiosis AirEQ
iZotope Neutron 2
Audition CS6
Physical EQ tables
Dynamic Range Master Guide
Complete Guide to Psy-Trance Mix-Master at Loudness in 2019
My DJ Set of Psy-Trance with 2 hours containing several Brazilian producers that teaches a lot of the techniques of DJ and equalization / mastering in Loudness in this genre that is in the folder Results as reference and guide

** My Nickname as DJ / Psy-Trance Producer is HexaedrØn. In EDM is H3IK0 and Drum & Bass is Tetrahedrø



-Added Softube Drawmer 1973 with Parallel Compression adjustments
-Added Variety Of Sound RescueMKII with SPEKTR3 preset to achieve perfect Stereo Image/MID-SIDE
-Added new Loudness presets for FL Studio (2017 Holland style and 2020 but the new need some adjustments in RMS level… but are pretty good.
-Dynamic Range Rack are 100% perfect now for forever usage.


-Softube Drawmer S73 in Slot 2

Softube Drawmer S73 (Neutral Preset)

Mix Level: 72%
S73 Input: 31.7
S73 Mix: +0.3

-Changed Mix Level of Air EQ & FG-X to 73%

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