South America Percussion WAV-DECiBEL

south america percussion wav decibel

South America Percussion WAV

DECiBEL | 22 Feb 2021 | 126.7 MB

‘South America Percussion’ is a perfect way to add a Latin or World-Music flair to your productions. Electronic Drum Machines and digital samples are incredible, but they might sometimes lack that organic vibe you can only get from an Acoustic Percussion.

Inspired by the folk drumming styles popularized by musicians in South American countries, this package features all of the iconic sounds you would expect from a Percussion ensemble, from Clave Tones, down to Cowbells, Bongos and Shakers, this package has got you covered.

There is also plenty of tuned Percussion elements here, such as Congas, Woodblocks and Timbales. The possibilities are truly endless here. You can build some intriguing syncopated patterns with these samples, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even digitally fine-tune the pitch of the Drums in order to match the Key of the song that you are producing. This is a very common production trick to enhance the fluidity of Drum tracks, and it works wonders with Latin-style Percussion as well. If you produce Tropical House, Latin music, Afro-Trap, and similar beats, this package is going to add an arsenal of intriguing sounds to your collection.

Product Details:
– 15 Bongos 95 BPM
– 5 Claves 95 BPM
– 52 Congas 95 BPM
– 15 Cowbells 95 BPM
– 28 Cowbell Timbales 95 BPM
– 5 Guiros 95 BPM
– 21 Fills 95 BPM
– 10 Shakers 95 BPM
– 5 Timbales 95 BPM
– 17 Woodblocks 95 BPM
– 4 Bongos 125 BPM
– 4 Claves 125 BPM
– 38 Congas 125 BPM
– 5 Cowbell Bongos 125 BPM
– 39 Cowbell Timbales 125 BPM
– 6 Guiros 125 BPM
– 28 Fills 125 BPM
– 4 Shakers 125 BPM
– 7 Timbales 125 BPM
– 9 Woodblocks 125 BPM
– 44.1kHz/24-Bit
– 100% Royalty-Free

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