SoundSource v5.3.4 MacOSX-HCiSO


SoundSource v5.3.4 MacOSX

HCiSO | 28 June 2021 | 26 MB

Control audio on a per-app basis, adjusting the volume and output device for individual apps. Apply an equalizer and other audio effects to any audio on your Mac. Even adjust your Mac’s audio device settings and levels instantly, from anywhere. It’s all possible right from your menu bar, with SoundSource.

Fast Access to System Devices
Get fast access to all the settings for your Mac’s Output, Input, and Sound Effects audio devices right from your menu bar.

Per-Application Audio Controls
Per-app controls let you change the volume of any app relative to others, and send individual apps to different audio outputs.

Audio Effects on Any App
Make any audio sound great, with the powerful “Magic Boost” button, renowned 10-band Lagutin equalizer, and advanced Audio Unit support.


Fixes and Improvements in ACE 11.7.1
The Audio Capture Engine (ACE) has been updated to 11.7.1, with fixes for several rare issues.

SoundSource’s manual is now provided online, rather than being built in to the application. The application’s “Help” menu has also been modified and streamlined, to get you assistance as quickly as possible.

SoundSource will no longer fail to change devices due to rare problems caused by certain lower-quality USB devices.

Using subdevices of aggregate devices with SoundSource should now function as expected.

A regression in the response time for Magic Boost has been fixed. This corrects an issue where a period of quiet audio followed by a sudden volume increase could result in brief distortion.

Plugins which require sample time readings from the plugin host, such as Melodyne and ERA 4 De-Clipper, will now work as expected.

1/4 increments for volume control (Shift+Opt+Volume Up/Volume Down) now work correctly when “Use F1,F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” option is enabled in System Preferences.

A never-seen-in-the-wild crash related to channel mapping has been fixed, before it could be seen in the wild.

When a log is activated, it will also collect recent crash logs, to better understand any issues.

The “Purchase” button in the License window now uses a better link to get to the Buy page.

The Update window’s width has been tweaked, to handle longer titles.

Get Access to Test Builds
SoundSource now features a new “Check for test releases” hidden preference. When active, you may receive notice of pre-release versions of the software, ahead of its wide release. If you’re interested to test updates, you can turn this option on in the Debugging window (accessible by holding option while viewing the “Help” menu, then selecting “Quit and Relaunch for Debugging”).


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