Soundly (The Complete Sound Effects Platform) v2024.05.132 STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE]



06/04/2024 | STANDALONE WIN MAC | 229 MB

The Complete Sound Effects Platform
Find your perfect sound in the massive Soundly cloud library, use our powerful search engine on your local files, and Drag&Drop sounds to your favorite tools!

A Gold Mine of Sound Effects in the Cloud
Find all the sound effects you’ll ever need in our cloud library, and transfer them straight into your project in seconds! Soundly is relied upon daily by pros from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Your Local Files Organized
Effectively index and organize your entire local sound library, with best-in-class metadata support. Rediscover your audio libraries with Soundly!

Eerily Intelligent Search
Utilizing artificial intelligence, related searches, auto-complete, thesauruses, and curated collections, Soundly helps you search, index and manage your local and cloud based libraries. Soundly makes discovering and designing sounds fun, easy, and creative.

Integrates with your Workflow & Tools. Anywhere.
Drag&Drop sound effects into any editor, or use Soundly’s custom integrations with Pro Tools, Logic, Premiere, Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper, After Effects, Wwise, and much more.

Shared Database
Collaborate easily with your team using shared network databases. It’s easy to set up, and there is no need to run a separate server.

Search Tabs simplify the organization and navigation of your searches. For instance, you can dedicate one tab to ‘whooshes,’ another to ‘cat meows,’ and a third one for whatever sound you’re exploring next.

Voice Designer
Quickly create voices to simulate airport announcements, digital assistants, background dialogue, TV commentary and navigation systems directly in Soundly.

Place it & Space it
Place it lets you place sounds in various environments and emulate different kinds of speakers, while Shape it is a specialized equalizer tailored for sound designers’ needs.

Expand the massive Soundly library directly from within the application. Free and premium libraries are instantly available from our built-in shop.

Use the metadata side panel to easily edit your sound files’ metadata, view artwork, and add metadata to WAV files. This tool supports UCS and works with multiple formats in local libraries.”

Edit & Effects
Add custom effects like pitch, speed and reverse. Preview in real-time, and have it instantly applied to the track when you drag it out.

Offline mode
Soundly works great even without an internet connection, and Offline Cloud Bridge let’s you send files from the Soundly Cloud to offline work stations.

More Features
Send files including handles to Pro Tools, Logic, Premiere, Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper, After Effects, Wwise, Fmod and much more.
Index local wav, aiff, mp3, m4a, ogg and flac files up to 384khz 32bit
All files in the Soundly Pro Library are at least 24bit 96khz!
Spectrogram View to easy spot interesting part of an audio file
Smart and lossless compression from Soundly’s servers gives you lightning fast transfers
Option for lower resolution files on slow connections
Access the extensive library directly from within Soundly
Reads meta data from sound effect and music libraries of any size
Dock Mode for use on single monitor setup
Built in search translation
Filter search results, folders, and collections using the filter bar
Support for unlimited channels
Solo channels in multi-channel files
Portable mode
Extensive and searchable settings section
Universal Category System 8.2 support
Send files to external editors, such as Acoustica, Izotope RX, and Fission
Organize your files with Soundly’s powerful Collections feature
Shuffle button to find inspiration and mix search results up
Soundly Monitor plugins (VST3, AAX, ReWire) link Soundly to DAWs as optional audio outputs.
Cloud Bridge for seamless file transfer from offline to online systems.


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