Sigma v2 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC Linux

sigma v2 vst vst3 au win mac

Sigma v2 WiN MAC

P2P | 27 February 2021 | 289 MB

Modern High Gain Amp Simulator
SI6MA is a One Channel Amp Sim based on an acclaimed high gain modern monster with a very aggressive sound, we recreated the perfect balance between low and high frequencies which gives the musicality and harmonics of the real amp.

Our new profiling method gets the dynamic you need to feel the power of a tube amp sounding in the next room, amp sims will never be the same after playing our new SI6MA.

The Smooth Metal Tone Machine
SIGMA is a Three Channel Amp Sim based on a mix of classic british hotrodded boutique amps but with a modern touch.

We’ve recreated a tone that gives you everything from modern metal to classic rock tones and pristine cleans.

We’ve included 3 stomp boxes before the amp to dial in your perfect tone.

The Gate pedal will get rid of noise in your signal, the boost pedal can help shape the tone to your guitar and the drive pedal can make your amp even more aggressive and focused.

Rack FX
Included are 3 post effects to help you sculpt your tone the way you like.

Use the 9 band EQ to fit the amp to your mix, add depth to your leads with the Delay and Reverb.

Dual IR Loader
Load and mix Cab IRs with the included IR loader.

Tweak the mix with dual filters and if you are using the amp in stereo mode, tweak panning too!


•Versatile Gain (Get from clean to a lead tone with one knob)
•Focus Enhancer
•3 Band equalizer, Presence & Depth Controls
•Master (Power Amp Saturation)
•Noise Gate, In & Out Controls
•Screamer Emulation
•12 Wild Built-In IRs (by SeaCow Cabs)
•IR loader with favorite slots

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5 Comments on “Sigma v2 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC Linux”

  1. How to register and get serial…?

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    1. check the older version if this not work!
      the older version here i our site

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      1. anychance of getting the V2 with a working keygen? ppl say its a way better than V1… pls!

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        1. TRY THE OLD keygen FROM V1 and see what happen.

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  2. I think the keygen is missing…

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