Servos And Robotics Sound Effects FLAC

Servos And Robotics Sound Effects FLAC

Servos And Robotics Sound Effects

FLAC | Samples Effects, Special Effects | 211.44 MB

001 Belt Driven Mechanism Struggling with Whirring Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:09
002 Choppy Slow Rpm Cranking Servo Motion [Sound Ideas] 01:05
003 Long Buzzing Servo Burst [Sound Ideas] 00:11
004 Short Faulty Servo Run in Plastic Dome Case [Sound Ideas] 00:05
005 Drone Fly Around with Heavy Buzzing Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:32
006 Infrared Circuit Starts, Runs and Stops [Sound Ideas] 00:07
007 Contraption Runs with Gritty Harsh Mechanical Failure Noise [Sound Ideas] 01:30
008 Automation Machine Wind up and Slow Down [Sound Ideas] 00:27
009 Motorized Rattling Movement with Squeaks [Sound Ideas] 00:08
010 Small Scratchy Mechanism at Slow Rpm [Sound Ideas] 00:47
011 Quick Motor Build up to Steady Whine and Long Slow Wind Down [Sound Ideas] 00:59
012 Small Electric Device, Harsh Vibration with Changing Intensity [Sound Ideas] 00:08
013 Strong Mechanized Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:06
014 Steady Rotary Whine [Sound Ideas] 00:06
015 Large Robotic Servo Engaged with Whining Closing Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:06
016 Heavy Hydraulic Robotic Motion with Air Releases [Sound Ideas] 00:38
017 Squeaky Robotic Micro Servo Whine [Sound Ideas] 00:07
018 Battlebot Motorized Robot_ Long Building Run [Sound Ideas] 00:06
019 Battlebot Motorized Robot Body Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:06
020 Dingbot Model Robot_ Short Sawing Like Motor Run [Sound Ideas] 00:06
021 Hexbug Robot Walks up and Stops [Sound Ideas] 00:39
022 Large Industrial Manufacturing Robot Arm Runs with Constant Swing Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:29
023 Model Toy Robot Walks Away Fast [Sound Ideas] 00:17
024 Walking Toy Robot Passes with Heavy Servo Noise and Sloppy Clanking [Sound Ideas] 00:16
025 Industrial Battery Powered Scissor Lift Device Straining [Sound Ideas] 00:32
026 Industrial Strength Lifting Device with Screech Overtones [Sound Ideas] 00:38
027 Lifting Mechanism Runs with High Pitched Whine [Sound Ideas] 00:06
028 Small Lifting Gate Movement with Final Stutter Finish [Sound Ideas] 00:07
029 Magfield Starts, Whines and Stops [Sound Ideas] 00:04
030 Motor Burst with Revs [Sound Ideas] 00:07
031 Motorized Opening Mechansim Runs Slow with Heavy Clunking [Sound Ideas] 00:05
032 Medium Slow Rpm Servo Run [Sound Ideas] 00:08
033 Plastic Drive Gear Motor Runs with Short Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:06
034 Long Struggling Single Motor Run [Sound Ideas] 00:11
035 Low Rpm Servo Stutter [Sound Ideas] 00:07
036 Chewing and Straining Servo or Motor Accent with Variable Pulses [Sound Ideas] 00:11
037 Irregular Servo Motor Clatter Pulses [Sound Ideas] 00:06
038 Stutter Start Whining Buzz Accent [Sound Ideas] 00:06
039 High Whining Motor Tone with Harmonic Overtone [Sound Ideas] 00:07
040 Harsh Dull Servo Vibration with Revving Burst [Sound Ideas] 00:11
041 Hydraulic Motor Power on and Squeaky Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:08
042 Long Hydraulic Sideways Movement with Straining and Creaks [Sound Ideas] 00:08
043 Micro Hydraulic_ Long Scratchy Run [Sound Ideas] 00:10
044 Short Phasing Laser Servo Burst [Sound Ideas] 00:06
045 Rusty Motorized Mechanism Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:20
046 Repeated Wavering Motor Bursts in Metal Case [Sound Ideas] 00:06
047 Electric Whine with Strained Lifting Surges [Sound Ideas] 00:15
048 Pneumatic Tool_ Long Medium Rpm Run [Sound Ideas] 00:21
049 High Rev Motor or Small Servo Pulse [Sound Ideas] 00:09
050 Long Building up and Down Motor Run [Sound Ideas] 00:19
051 Motor with Rheostat_ Long Run on Styrofoam [Sound Ideas] 00:20
052 Industrial Electric Jack Lift Raise [Sound Ideas] 00:08
053 Industrial Robotic Assembly Machine Short Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:06
054 Short Burst from 4.5 Volt Small Servo Motor [Sound Ideas] 00:06
055 Constant Servo Positioning Noises [Sound Ideas] 00:07
056 Digital Antenna Servo Seek [Sound Ideas] 00:10
057 Dual Servo Motor Makes Heavy Adjustments [Sound Ideas] 00:05
058 Fiber Servo_ Rapid Laser Like Movements [Sound Ideas] 00:06
059 Fiber Servo_ Rapid Movements [Sound Ideas] 00:08
060 Hard Quick Rapid Servo Movements [Sound Ideas] 00:06
061 Head Servo Does Short Run [Sound Ideas] 00:20
062 Huge Space Machine Servo Opens or Closes [Sound Ideas] 00:07
063 Industrial Heavy Strained Servo Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:05
064 Industrial Robotic Assembly Machine_ Short Metal Servo Movements [Sound Ideas] 00:06
065 Industrial Robotics_ Constant Robotic Servo Motion with Printer Like Rhythm [Sound Ideas] 00:31
066 Large Lift Gate_ Long Servo Motor with Creaking and Pressure Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:22
067 Large Servo Drive Motor_ Long Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:28
068 Large Servo Run and Movement Accent [Sound Ideas] 00:06
069 Large Servo Powered Telescope Turning [Sound Ideas] 00:08
070 Long Servo Sparking or Static [Sound Ideas] 00:07
071 Low Vibrating Phased Servo Motor [Sound Ideas] 00:35
072 Medium Sized Servo with Long Shutter Sequence [Sound Ideas] 00:25
073 Micro Servo Motor_ Long Sequence [Sound Ideas] 00:09
074 Motorized Toy Servo Motor_ Short Rapid Sequence [Sound Ideas] 00:06
075 Sci Fi Servo with Rapid Motion [Sound Ideas] 00:06
076 Servo Motor Swings Mechanical Arm [Sound Ideas] 00:05
077 Small Servo Motor Moves Smoothly [Sound Ideas] 00:07
078 Servo Motor Opens Door [Sound Ideas] 00:06
079 Small Digital Servo_ Rapid Fast Rhythmic Pulsing [Sound Ideas] 00:11
080 Small Electro Wheel_ Servos Start and Run at Slow Speed [Sound Ideas] 00:24
081 Small Industrial Assembly Line with Constant Servo Motor Motion [Sound Ideas] 00:37
082 Small Mechanical Robot Does Clunky Servo Walk [Sound Ideas] 00:17
083 Small Servo Adjustment [Sound Ideas] 00:06
084 Small Servo Powered Door Open or Close [Sound Ideas] 00:05
085 Whining Servo Engagement [Sound Ideas] 00:06
086 Motorized Spinner Blades Spinning at Medium Rpm [Sound Ideas] 01:22
087 Electro Magnetic Spinner_ Constant Bright Humming Swirl [Sound Ideas] 00:23
088 High Rpm Spinning Motion [Sound Ideas] 00:33
089 Long Spinning Run at Very High Rpm [Sound Ideas] 01:16
090 Phased Echoing Metal Spinning Whips [Sound Ideas] 00:34
091 Propeller Building Run to High Rpm [Sound Ideas] 00:23
092 Short Spinner Whip Burst [Sound Ideas] 00:06
093 Drone Swarm Starts, Winds up and Stops [Sound Ideas] 00:48
094 Hi Tech Mixing Machine Starts, Runs and Shuts Off [Sound Ideas] 00:18
095 Medium Run with Rapid Vibrating Bursts [Sound Ideas] 00:07
096 Ragged Running Vibrating Machine with Movement [Sound Ideas] 00:18
097 Long Slow Whining Servo Build up and Run Down [Sound Ideas] 00:23
098 Long Steady Grinding Servo Run [Sound Ideas] 00:07
099 Mechanical Shrill Whining Insect-Like Servo Burst [Sound Ideas] 00:09
100 Worm Drive Motor in Padded Casing Medium Choppy Run at Low Rpm [Sound Ideas] 00:11

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