Selective FXP SERUM

Serum presets | 23.1 MB

A world of BEAUTIFUL sounds awaits those who are selective enough to join us in this modern Deep House adventure. With 120 Presets for Serum, set to take you into the world of Selected, this inspired pack contains sounds inspired by some of your favorite Deep House artists like EDX, JLV, Nora En Pure, Yotto, Rufus DU Sol, and many more.

Chill Vibes
Selective is a 110 Preset serum soundset aimed at capturing the beautiful sounds of EDX, JLV, Nora En Pure, Yotto, Rufus DU Sol, and many more Deep House Artist who have released on Selected.

The soundbank captures this sound by providing you with basslines created using various sound design techniques like FM Basslines, Widened basslines, and layered harmonic basslines.

Another important sound in modern Deep House music is the use of Marimba and Kalimba style sounds that artist are layering on top of a bassline. To give you access to these sounds we implemented samples from real life instruments to help capture these organic sound. We also combined a bit of synthesis into the picture to achieve the strongest sound possible.

In this pack, you will find most of the synth sounds needed to get inspired from and achieve your next Deep House masterpiece.

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