RSO Plugins: Extreme Warmth, Vocal Magic, Extreme Punch

RSO Plugins: Extreme Warmth, Vocal Magic, Extreme Punch | PC | 18.3 MB

3 Plugins by RSO: Vocal Magic VST 4.0, Warmth 1.0 VST, Extreme Punch VST v10B.

Vocal Magic Pro is a complex blend of multi-processors designed to add musical vitality to a vocal and improve its blend in a mix. It was designed specifically for vocals and responds extremely well to all kinds of singers. Vocal Magic aims to help your vocals stand out in the mix without sounding overly processed.

Extreme Warmth is a VST plugin designed to warm up digital recording by emulating vintage analog technologies. One problem with digital recording can be the amount of detail it is capable of capturing. This detail can include some characteristics that are simply not musical, such as edgy microphones, string noise or guitar distortion lacking warmth. Extreme Warmth was designed to not only soften excessive details but warm up and fatten the track as well.

ExTreme Punch is specifically designed to emulate the sound of tape saturation.Tape saturation occurs when the magnetic particles on analog tape become completely saturated. The result is a type of very fat compression which many producers believe sounds rounder and more dense than mechanical compression. Tape saturation is what gave analog recording the warm and fat characteristics it was know for. ExTreme Punch is simple to use and was designed for thickening low frequency tracks such as bass guitar and bass drum.

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