Rhythm Downtuned IR WAV


Rhythm IR Downtuned

IR WAV | 2.85 MB


▬ 30 Mix-finished™ IRs specifically for low tuned guitars
▬ Engineered and mixed by producer Jens Bogren
▬ Profiled from cabs used on top metal albums
▬ Mic’d, EQ’d, and tailored to fit into any mix
▬ Compatible with all software and hardware IR loaders

Bring your amp sim to life

Did you know that at least 80% of a guitar sound comes from the speaker cabinet?

All software amps use impulse responses to emulate the cab. The fastest way to make your guitar sound better is to use the best sounding IRs available.

Unbox your guitar sound

Engineered and mixed to perfection, these impulses were created using the cabs and gear heard on some of the greatest metal albums of all time.

The ‘Rhythm IR – Downtuned’ pack will make your guitars sound like they were recorded by Jens Bogren at the legendary Fascination Street Studios.

Get Results FAST

Don’t waste your time scrolling through hundreds of IRs or moving virtual mics in search for the perfect tone.

This is not a bedroom product. This is 20+ years of experience, at your fingertips. The Rhythm IR – Downtuned Pack by Jens is collection of Mix-finished™ impulses designed to give you a great tone. Immediately.


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