06 June 2020 | 1.7 GB

Hey there, I’m Eyal Levi and I’m the Co-Founder of URM Academy, as well as a producer, educator and musician.

I’m known for my work with bands like Chelsea Grin, Monuments, The Black Dahlia Murder and more. You may also know me from the hundreds of hours worth of audio education videos I’ve released over the past few years.

As a guitar player, Reverb was always fun and easy for me. There was one knob, the reverb knob, and if you wanted more atmosphere, you turned it up. If you wanted less, you turned it down.

As a mixer it’s a whole other story… There’s so many more parameters! Pre Delay, decay, damping, diffusion, and on and on and on!

But don’t worry, the purpose of this Fast Track is to get you understanding what each of those parameters does as well as knowing what they sound like and how to use them!

I’m excited to get started sharing how I approach one of my favorite audio effects.

Let’s get started!

Eyal Levi
URM Academy

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