Red Room Audio Traveler Series Bodhrans And Bones For KONTAKT

DISCOVER | January/21Th/2019 | 1.93GB

……:::::: THE TRAVELER SERIES ::::::……
Welcome to Red Room Audio’s Traveler Series, an ongoing collection of boutique sample libraries featuring traditional world instruments faithfully recorded on location from destinations around the globe. Traveler Series libraries focus on delivering a genuine purity that can only be captured where the instrument and musical style originated, preserving its true character and history.

We seek out a region’s most skilled and renowned performers; amazing folks with stories and bloodlines who live and breathe traditional provincial music. We leave with an education and appreciation for their culture and the role these beautiful instruments serve (as well as a tale or two of our own). We hope our Traveler Series adds an authentic native spirit to your music.

……:::::: BODHRANS & BONES ::::::……
The bodhran is an Irish frame drum with an open side so one hand can be placed against the inside of the head to control the pitch and timbre. It is struck either with the bare hand or a variety of “tippers” and is said to have been developed as the “poor man’s tambourine” by farmers who couldn’t afford the metal.

Bones are an instrument often used in traditional Irish folk music, as well as Bluegrass and zydeco. It consists of a pair of animal bones or pieces of wood played by holding them between the fingers and moving the wrist in such a way that they knock against each other.

For Bodhrans & Bones we journeyed to Dublin, Ireland to work with Marcin Oracki, owner and drum builder at Mighty Bodhrans. Marcin has been passionately crafting bodhrans, hosting workshops and performing live for two decades. We also had the pleasure of recording at Herbert Place Studios with producer/engineer James Darkin. Our spirited sessions were fueled by coffee, visits to Searsons Pub, and friendly personal insults and were a complete riot.

……:::::: FEATURES ::::::……
• 6 unique Irish bodhrans and 2 sets of bones recorded in Dublin, Ireland by bodhran maker Marcin Oracki.

• Drums sampled with 5 stick types at multiple zones: center, mid, edge, rim and shell “Frankensampling” approach provides realistic pitch and dampening control and
individual transients and sustains.

• 2 sets of Bones with hits and rolls.

• 8-slot FX rack.

• Modern, easy to use, feature-packed GUI.

• 2.2 GB of content – 20.460 samples (24-Bit/44.1kHz – NCW).

……:::::: REQUIREMENTS ::::::……
• Native Instruments Kontakt (full), version 5.8.1 or above.

• 3 GB disk space.

• 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended).

• 2008 or later processor. Your system must also meet the requirements for version 5.8.1 of Native Instruments Kontakt. If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load this library.

View User Manual

……:::::: ARTICULATIONS ::::::……
……:::::: INSTRUMENTS ::::::……
• Bodhran 1 – 15 ½” x 6” deep light shell with medium weight goat skin.

• Bodhran 2 – 14” x 6” light composite shell with light weight calf skin.

• Bodhran 3 – 14” x 5” deep light composite shell with medium weight calf skin.

• Bodhran 4 – 14” x 5” medium weight birch shell with heavy calf skin.

• Bodhran 5 – 12” x 5” medium weight birch shell with medium weight goat skin, plus a second layer of goat skin to cut out overtones.

• Bodhran 6 – 12” x 4” medium weight birch shell with heavy goat skin.

• Bones, 2 sets (ebony & actual bone).

……:::::: ARTICULATIONS ::::::……
• Stick types (Bodhrans).
• Wood tipper.
• Hotrod tipper.
• Loose Brush.
• Tight Brush.
• Fingers.

……:::::: Drum Zones (Bodhrans) ::::::……
• Center, Mid, Edge, Rim, Shell.

……:::::: Bones ::::::……
• Hits & Rolls.

The Traveler Series Kontakt instruments feature a clean and simple, 1-page GUI with all the controls you need to get the most out of the library, including our robust 8-slot FX rack.

……:::::: GUI ::::::……

……:::::: BODHRANS GUI ::::::……
• Stick type menu.
• Pitch & Dampen controls.
• Drum zone display.
• Microphone & Elements mixer.
• Ensemble Mode.
• Velocity curve control.
• 8-slot FX rack.

……:::::: BONES GUI ::::::……
• Volume, Pan and Tune per set.
• Microphone mixer.
• Roll Dynamics control.
• Ensemble Mode.
• Velocity curve control.
• 8-slot FX rack.

……:::::: PRODUCT DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

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