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Mixfood Stutter 128 v1.0.0

DECiBEL | 03 Jan 2022 | 186 MB

Fun, creativity, musicality and rhythm are the keywords to describe Mixfood Stutter 128.

– Unique User-Sample Stutter Effect
– Step Sequencer with Velocity Sliders (128-steps)
– Fun, Creativity, Musicality and Rhythm

Mixfood Stutter 128 is a creative device that uses 1 or 2 user samples to create a rhythmic and musical stutter effect using a 128-step Step Sequencer.

– Load in samples in sample slot 1 and/or 2.
– Set the velocity sensitive step-sliders.
– Tweak the effects on the sample slot.
– Finally, set the 4 step-properties: sample start, key, panning and decay.

Mixfood Stutter 128 will play a unique pattern with your samples.


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