Pro Tools 2019 Essential Training 110 Advanced Techniques TUTORiAL

31 May 2019 | 1.52 GB

Learn next-level techniques to improve your skill and efficiency with Pro Tools. Frank Cook, author of Pro Tools 101, has designed this course in collaboration with Avid. He shares advanced tips and tricks that can improve your productivity, maximize your creativity, and elevate your sound. Frank starts by customizing the Pro Tools interface to meet the needs of a professional sound engineer: adjusting the input and output settings, adding extra tracks, and optimizing the display. He quickly moves into importing media and recording audio, including multiple takes and loops. Next, he explains how to work with MIDI and virtual instruments, including editing individual notes with the smart Pencil tool. He then shows how to warp sound with the Elastic Audio tool and fine-tune a performance. Then learn advanced editing and media-management techniques such as looping and exporting clips. He wraps up the course by demonstrating basic and advanced mixing techniques and effects automation and finishes off the sample project by bouncing down a final mix.

Topics include:

•Customizing I/O settings
•Managing session data
•Importing media files
•Recording multiple takes
•Recording in layers
•Working with virtual instruments
•Troubleshooting MIDI
•Editing MIDI
•Warping sound with Elastic Audio
•Quantizing options
•Editing with fades
•Creating clip loops
•Exporting clips
•Using sends and returns
•Working with plugins
•Adding automation
•Grouping tracks
•Creating final media

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