PRNC 110 OX Lite (Kemper, WAV)

prnc 110 ox lite (kemper, wav)

PRNC 110 OX Lite (Kemper, WAV)

P2P | 18 March 2021 | 18 MB

PRNC 110 OX Lite Cab Pack is based on a 1969 Fender™ Princeton-Amp loaded with the original Oxford 10” speaker. The tone is unique and diverse with a surprising amount of warm low end, gritty midrange, and a top end that goes from crunchy to glassy and everything in between. It pairs wonderfully with single coil guitars, but also sounds great with humbuckers with reduced bass settings on the amplifier. Whether you play country, P&W, indie rock, or funk, this Cab Pack has you covered.

This Lite pack was captured with seven carefully curated microphones and offers 76 single mic shots as well as 14 multi-mic Mixes. With a total of 90 IRs, the PRNC 110 OX Lite gives you a great amount of tonal variety without being overwhelming.

Tech Specs

•All Cab Packs come in .WAV format in 24-bit 96k, 48k, and 44.1k files.
•All IRs are 500ms for maximum resolution. Hardware units that require shorter files will automatically truncate 500ms files to the unit’s preferred length upon import.
•Natural Phase and Minimum Phase versions are provided.
•Fractal Audio™, Line 6™ Helix, Atomic™ Amplifire, and most IR loading amp modelers utilize 48k files.
•Kemper™ units ulitize 44.1k files.
•Strymon™ Iridium and BOSS™ units utilizes 96k files.


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