Presonus Open Air Factory (Impulse Bounce)

Presonus Open Air Factory (Impulse Bounce)

Open Air Factory (Impulse Bounce)

Impulse Responses | 07 Nov 2020 | 776 MB

Open Air is a wonderful convolution processor, but it’s helpful to remember it can load any audio file, not just room and reverb impulses. I’ve said many times it’s more fun to ask “what if?” than “how do I?”, because “what if” is all about experimentation. So I asked “What if I’m using a drum loop, and also load that same loop into Open Air as an impulse?” You might not use the resulting sound all the time, but give this technique a try—you’ll hear an entirely new type of percussive effect.

Whats Included

768 Impulse Responses

Halls – Large , Medium , and Small
Plates – Large , Medium , and Small
Rooms – Chambers , Drum Rooms , Large Rooms , Medium Room , Small Room , And Vocal Rooms


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