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SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 01 2014 | 962 MB

MegaMacho Drums – Kontakt 5 format gives you the unique custom interface seen below and works ONLY in Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or the FREE Kontakt 5 Player. The Advantages being that it’s very easy to load the kits from the Libraries tab, the user interface allows for drum sounds to be edited far deeper and in more powerful ways than just playing samples back AND the new MIDI GROOVE PLAYER allows you to audition the 550+ MIDI file based grooves from WITHIN the interface. You no longer have to go to your computers folders and drag MIDI files in to your sequencer to hear them.

The MIDI Groove Player also sync’s to your host and has some very powerful parameters that can be automated to make creating dynamic, always changing grooves easy as moving 3 parameters!

Details about the library:

2,000 drum samples – many of them are created thru complex sound manipulation or by layering up to 8 drums together to make HUGE drum sounds for todays music production styles.
13 unique KITS and 26 unique MAPS that have up to 61 samples across the keyboard that use all 2,000 samples. The Drum KITS do have 61 – samples: 7 Kicks and 8 Snares PER KIT so that you have lots of options for the groove! Genres covered include Techno/Trance/House, EDM, DubStep, Trap, HipHop, Pop, Vintage as well as Vocal, SFX kits and some bonus synth presets that are fun to play with.
In the Kontakt version of MegaMacho Drums, there are 100+ Kit Instruments with many of them taking these 39 kits and manipulating them with the powerful effects and sound processing tools that are built into the MegaMacho K5 interface. These kits don’t exist for the WAV version of the library.
Now over 550+ MIDI File Drum Grooves in music styles ranging from TRAP to DubStep to EDM to Pop and even Waltzes, 5/4 Progressive and more! As I stated above, the Kontakt 5 version just gained a built-in MIDI Groove Player which makes accessing and manipulating these grooves a LOT easier (and more fun!). This option doesn’t exist for the WAV version because most samplers don’t have this functionality

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