Perfect Drums Factory Library v1.6.0-R2R

DATE : 2019.01.06 | NUMBER : R2R-7569 | SiZE : 4.08 GB

Perfect Drums comes with the extensive sound library, consisting of 131 meticulously sampled drum instruments from some of the best drum manufacturers currently out there. Those include: 13 kick drums, 12 snare drums, 29 toms (8 full sets), 9 hi-hats, 11 rides, 31 crash cymbals sampled on different position, 13 china cymbals (5 on the left side and 8 on the right), 8 splash cymbals, 2 custom stack cymbals, 2 bells and 1 jamblock instrument, all forming the 12 Perfect Kit presets.

While working on the Perfect Drums factory sound library, we were trying to make it sit perfectly in a busy mix, whilst still retaining the natural and organic feeling. That is why Perfect Drums sounds great just right out of the box, with absolutely no additional post processing needed. In order to achieve that, we have created the FX Sample Group, which can be considered as a parallel processing bus, you usually have when mixing drums. What we did there is we took all the Direct (close microphone) samples of all the instruments and processed them, using a variety of high end hardware and software tone shaping tools. We have even blended some “one shot” samples into some of the snare and kick instruments’ FX groups to make them cut through the mix of any complexity! So, adjusting the single FX knob, you are able to get a desired amount of processing on any instrument. Keeping it lower will result in an almost unprocessed natural drum sound, while cranking it up will bring you a more compressed and processed tone, suitable for a heavier musical material. Play with it to find your sweet spot!

When talking about Drums, we are also talking about the Ambience, which plays a very important role in any drum sound. That’s why we have created the REVERB sample group. And what we actually did there is we, again, took the instruments’ close microphone samples and processed them with a top notch hardware reverb unit. So do not hesitate to use it and you will see how quickly it is about to become a good friend of you!

Another thing to notice about the Perfect Drums factory library is that it is ever-growing. And that means, you will get tons of new instruments as a FREE update! For lifetime! We are already preparing some upcoming library expansions, that will amaze you even more, so stay tuned!

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