Oscillicious BeatCleaver v1.4.0.2 WiN

29 January 2019 | 11.76 MB

BeatCleaver is an audio editor and beat slicer for quickly sampling, chopping and editing songs, beats, and recordings.

Time Stretch your Samples
Change the tempo without changing the pitch.

Time-stretch or warp your samples with BeatCleaver.
Warp and repitch your samples with a new state-of-the-art time stretching engine. Four presets for stretching different source material like drum beats ensures your transposed and time-stretched samples keep their character. Better yet, BeatCleaver preserves transients so your drums remain punchy and crisp.

Chop all your Samples, Faster
Super easy sample slicing with full undo/redo.

Chop all your samples, whatever the format. BeatCleaver can slice MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA*, WAVE, and AIFF audio files and save to industry-standard WAVE files that can be used with MPCs, Maschine, and digital audio workstations like Logic Pro.

Drag to Export your Slices
Drop slices straight into a folder or your DAW.

Drag slices right out of BeatCleaver and into a folder, the desktop, or your favorite DAW.
Chop up samples and drag the slices directly into a folder, your desktop, or a DAW.

Whether you’re beat making or just cutting up recordings, BeatCleaver makes a great producer’s companion. The less time you spend chopping, the more time you spend making music.

Features at a Glance:

Open and split MP3, M4A, WMA*, FLAC, WAVE, and AIFF files.
Dice your loops into an unlimited number of slices.
Time-stretch (warp) and repitch your samples using a state-of-the-art timestretching engine.
Drag slices right out of BeatCleaver and onto your desktop, a folder, or your DAW.
On-the-fly chopping during playback
MIDI controller support for slice triggering
Chop faster with custom slice templates.
Seamless, fluid zooming.
Two-finger scrolling in both directions on MacBooks
Quickly preview your cuts by looping slices
Intuitive tool-free design
Quick slicing for loops into 4, 8, or 16 parts
Slices audio by bars or beats when given a BPM and time signature
Great for cutting hip hop samples, breaks, melodies, and more.
Whether you’re beatmaking, making hip hop, or cutting up samples for electronic music, BeatCleaver is a tool that can save you valuable production time.
Slice export as 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit 44.1 kHz WAVE or AIFF (perfect for MPCs)


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