Music Weapons Ill Drums Xtreme WAV Collection

SYNTHiC4TE | March 14 2013 | 119 MB

All sounds from the ill drums xtreme vst/au collection in standard 16-bit 44.1khz WAV format for use in ANY software or hardware including MPC2000xl + MV8000 etc.

Any sampler on the market hardware or software can use this format. It is brilliantly sorted, in kit based format to maintain the exact kit layout of the plugin. Also there are individual folders for kicks, snares, hats and more. 279 kits in total PURE authentic never before released sounds not available ANYWHERE else. The exact used to produce tracks for artists such as vinnie paz, eminem, royce da 59, snoop dogg, immortal technique, redman and countless others. This isnt just a random collection of sounds just thrown into a folder. Every sound in the collection is stellar, ready mixed and organized to save you tons of times. WHy sift through millions of sounds hoping to find a few decent ones. Unlike other sounds collections where you MIGHT get 3-4 sounds you actually use, every sound in ill drums is in fact. And you asked for the wav collection so here you go!

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