Music Tech Focus – Ableton Live 2016/2017 PDF


Music Tech Focus – Ableton Live 2016/2017

PDF | English | 133 pages | 36.1MB

Welcome to Ableton Live 2016/2017! This is a special issue of MusicTech where we assemble features specifi cally tailored to Ableton’s music production DAW. This time we’ve really pulled out the stops with some of the fi nest studio articles ever: from 6 Ways To Make Your Studio Look Cool to the Ultimate Guide To Remixing.

In between it’s everything Ableton with fi ve more in-depth Live tutorials from Live guru Martin Delaney, plus a special ‘Lazy Guide’ to creativity in Live, including some fantastic tips on creating variation in a loopy environment. With our Produce A Track From Start To Finishfeatures (starting on p16) there’s very much a Live focus and our special Show Off Your Studio articles (p70 and p88) all feature Live at their software hearts – and in one it’s running in sync with a mountain of hardware. It all goes to show the diversity of music-making environments that Live is now central to. Perhaps the software used to be seen as a laptop-only DAW but with Push 2 and Link it is spreading into more hardware and mobile studios. Wherever and however you use Live we hope you’ll fi nd tons here to help you. Happy music making!


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