Music Law How to Run Your Band’s Business, 8th Edition

English | 2015 | ISBN: 1413321909 | 567 Pages | EPUB: 7.49 MB | PDF: 3.51 MB

If you belong to a band and love the art of your job, but sing the blues when it comes to the business side, you need Music Law. Composed by musician and lawyer Richard Stim, the book explains how to:

find the right manager
buy, insure and maintain equipment
get gigs and get paid
tour on a budget
use samples
do covers legally
protect your copyright
trademark your band’s name
choose a recording studio
sell your music
manage your website
understand record contracts
deal with taxes

Music Law provides all the legal information and practical advice musicians need. This edition is thoroughly updated with the latest changes in copyright and trademark law, including guidance on filling out “Form CO.” Plus, find expanded information on musical collaborations between DJs and other musicians. You’ll also get the most up-to-date legal forms available. Interactive forms are downloadable.

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