Music Composition Rhythm Percussion

1.5 Hours | 1.63 GB

Learn how to Effectively use Rhythm & Percussion in Music Composition
You will be able to Create your own Balanced and Powerful Rhythmic Sound Kits
You will be able to Compose Rhythmic Performances with Expression and Variation
You will be able to Direct the Listeners attention and Lead your Music Story with Rhythm

Rhythm & Percussion in Music Composition

Would you like to Master Rhythm, Percussion and Drive in Your Music? After this course you will be able to lead and drive your music, enhance and spotlight special parts, control the energy and action, generate intensity and power, and forge the foundation of all music you create. Because you will master the core of all music: Rhythm.

You will Learn

The Foundations of Rhythm
The Role of Rhythm
The Sounds of Rhythm
The Performance of Rhythm
You will also get real live demonstrations of various kinds of rhythms, sounds and techniques. And finally you will have the knowledge and insights to create the rhythmic foundation of a new track, with the complete range of drums, percussion and drive.

I recommend you to take action on every single concept, method and technique you learn in this course.
Because I believe the best way to Learn, is by Doing.

Do you want to Become

A Master of Drums
A Master of Percussion
A Master of Drive
…and finally with practice, a Master of Rhythm in Music?

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