MorphoX Slow Life (Free)

Patches for LinPlug MORPHOX | 65.23 KB

MorphoX // Slow Life
by Ghostwave Audio

Thank you for downloading this free patch bank.
I hope it will inspire you.

The current version contains 20 patches.
I will add more on a regular basis so please
check the product page for the latest version.

Unzip the “” file into the “MorphoX patches”
folder, located in the MorphoX installation folder.
Then, using the internal menu in MorphoX,
open the any folder starting by GASL

End-User License Agreement:
All the patches found in this product are original programs
and are copyrighted to Vincent Bastiat (Ghostwave Audio).
This material can be copied, lent, shared or transformed but
the resulting patches or banks must be free too.

You may use these patches royalty-free for commercial musical productions.

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