Mixing Pop-Rock with iZotope Plug-Ins TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 05 2019 | 1.07 GB

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, studio pro Larry Holcombe shows you how to mix a Pop Rock track with iZotope plug-ins! See how to use an assortment of iZotope’s amazing plug-ins to bring a track to life, resulting in a professional radio-ready mix. You also get the stems used in the tutorial to follow along with and mix on your system.

Larry begins by welcoming you and then starts at the beginning, going over the steps to take to get Tonal Balance Control setup in your session, and then fixing any issues with individual tracks before you start mixing, plus figuring out your vision for the mix.

Then it’s off to the races, and Larry explores and explains using Vocal Assistant on the Vocals, Pitch Correction with Nectar, EQing and Transient Shaping with Neutron, utilizing Track Assistant on different parts, and using Neutron’s compressor Detection Filters to compress only the parts of the signal that need it, and much more.

Next, Larry goes over the steps to use Additive EQ to pick and enhance different areas of sounds and make them shine, including adding Saturation and an Exciter to Busses to energize the mix and make it come alive. Then it’s off to the land of squeeze, where you’ll see how to use Side-Chaining on the bass and kick, but only compress the low frequencies of the bass part, applying Bus Processing and Parallel Compression, and Mastering the track with Ozone’s Multi Band Compression, Harmonic Excitation and Parallel Compression.

Wrapping it up, you’ll learn how to use Master Assistant to set parameters while referencing the original artist’s version for comparison, and then add extra Stereo Width Processing to the track to slightly spread the frequencies above 10k, giving it that final polished sound.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to iZotope plug-ins or just want to see them used in-action to create a finished, professional sounding mix, Checkout “Mixing Pop-Rock with iZotope Plug-Ins” today!


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