Mixing Modern Rock TUTORiAL

mixing modern rock tutorial

Mixing Modern Rock TUTORiAL

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Rip off the mixing techniques of one of the biggest rock producers in the world
As Mixers and Producers we constantly strive for perfection in our music: How can we achieve more clarity, more punch, more excitement and emotion in our mixes? We don’t settle for mediocre – That’s what makes us stand out!

What better way to sharpen your skills than being mentored by one of the biggest rock producers in industry?

Bob Marlette has been a household name in Rock music for decades. He’s composed, produced and mixed for some of the most infamous Rock and Metal bands of all time:

From mixing Marilyn Manson and John 5 to producing Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Saliva’s Grammy nominated album “Every Six Seconds”, as well as Black Sabbath’s “Reunion” and Seether’s platinum album “Disclaimer II”.

View all of Bob Marlette’s credits

Being not only a mixer, but also a musician, composer and producer, Bob provides a deep understanding on what makes a song become successful on every level. – Which is the exact skill-set we all need as modern music makers.

In this tutorial Bob teaches you the exact strategies and techniques he uses to put out hit after hit:

Not only will you learn his unique approach to mixing hard-hitting rock drums, you’ll also learn how to mold multiple layers of heavy guitars and synths, mix vocals that cut through a dense rock mix and how to use effects creatively to take your song to another dimension.

You’ll gain insights that previously would have only been available with years of audio schooling, interning in studios, scrubbing floors and making coffee. – Handed to you in a detailed 3h course!

Bob doesn’t hold back or keep any secrets: He explains every step of the way in detail, so you can easily apply the same principles to your own music.

The best part? No expensive outboard gear needed!

Bob mixes 100% in the box, using plugins only. – Which means you can apply these techniques and achieve the same results in YOUR HOME STUDIO!

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