Mixing And Mastering A Future Bass Track TUTORiAL

Mixing And Mastering A Future Bass Track TUTORiAL

Mixing & Mastering Future Bass TUTORiAL

FLARE | 25 December 2020 | MERRY XMAS | 4.25 GB

We asked our friend and professional Mixing Engineer Guido Werner to take our template “Shipwrecked” (which was produced using only Ableton stock effects and Serum) and perform aprofessional mixing and mastering on it.

We granted him the freedom to use all his favorite VST Plugins for this purpose. We only had one condition: Record, explain and comment on everything you do while working on this project – and that’s exactly what he did.

Now you have the chance to join in and look over his shoulder – this class is fire!

What you are getting

✓ A complete start-to-finish mixing and mastering course, watch all tutorials at your own pace, as many times as you want and then use the techniques for your own music.

✓ 25+ Studio sessions with Guido / Cat&Beats

✓ 5h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access

Bonus: Ableton Projects, before and after, used in this course (using Ableton Live 10 Suite).

What you you will learn from this course

This course is set up so that you learn how to mix your own production from A to Z. The project has one goal and that is to make a professional, in the box, mix. This Masterclass is taught by Guido Werner from CatAndBeats and MixMasterYou. He will teach you all about different types of compressors, when to use which, how to listen, how to setup a file that practically mixes itself, reverbs, delays and the mastering process. If you ever wanted to sit next to an engineer while he does his thing this is it.

This course will take you through:

Mixing And Mastering A Future Bass Track
✓ How to listen before mixing
✓ Identify the right song-part to start mixing
✓ Kickdrum eqing
✓ Layering snare drums
✓ Using send effects properly
✓ Bus compression
✓ Mixing instruments
✓ Editing vocals
✓ Using saturation & distortion to add upper harmonics
✓ Filtering, eqing, envelope shaping
✓ Layering and sound stacking
✓ Correctly use groups, send effects and audio while mixing
✓ Two us processing
✓ Fixing according to feedback
✓ Mastering

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