Micro Synth Pack v1.0.3 AU VSTi VST3 WiN MAC-R2R


Micro Synth Pack v1.0.3 WiN MAC-R2R

TEAM R2R | 15.9.2016 | WiN 3.72 MB | OSX 2.2 MB

Classic DX10 based FM Synth and JX10 Analog Synth with a huge variety of sounds from classic pianos and keyboards to space age pads.

In keeping with a long term Tracktion tradition the MDA synths are back!

Since T1 Tracktion came bundled with the incredibly good value MDA synth pack. We’ve now taken the great engine behind those synths, improved them, and given them a new interface for easier control and visualisation.

The FM Synth is based on the MDA DX10 and can produce a diverse array of sounds. From classic plucked and percussive instruments such as pianos, guitars and bells to extreme modulated intergalactic growling bass. It would be very easy to create an entire song using this synth alone!

The Analog Synth is based on the classic MDA JX10 subtractive synthesiser. We’ve simplified the controls and added two envelope editors to invigorate this beast! Like the FM Synth, this has a wide sound range range but boasts some additional features like classic mono glide. Great for sub bass and FX (including wind and helicopters!), but perhaps where this synth really shines is in it’s mega thick sync leads.

Both synths have a wide variety of presets included but with the sheer range of sounds capable here don’t be surprised if you find yourself tweaking until the sun comes up! A must have pair of synths for any Tracktion user!


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