Melodic Deep Techno Sample Pack by Beatqueche WAV

P2P | 15 February 2020 | 41 MB

TRIPPY CODE – Melodic Deep Techno Sample Pack created by the Talented BeatQueche aka Norbert Zoltán Bakó.

BeatQueche name is not UNKNOWN for TODD TERRY (NYC) , LISA PURE (NYC), DJ LUCK & MC NEAT (UK), CARLOS VARELA, and for the TRIPPY CODE followers.

He founded with RTTWLR aka Bence Marsi the TRIPPY CODE Label Family in 2017 (Take My Space, TRAUM TECHNO GERMANY, TRIP & acid)

TRIPPY CODE SAMPLER PACKS are packed with HIGH QUALITY EMOTIONAL sounding DEEP TECHNO / MELODIC TECHNO / samples that help for the beginner producers and for the pro producers equally.

Avesome and Galactical Melodies / Loops & FX’s with Epic Techno Kicks to start making UNIQUE MELODIC DEEP TECHNO Tracks in just moments.

61 SAMPLES available NOW just for YOU.


10 Kick One Shot
10 Clap-Snare One Shot
10 FX One Shot
5 FX Loop
10 Hit One Shot
8 Hit Loop

8 Melody

– MEL_01 130BPM G# MIN

– MEL_02 130BPM G# MIN

– MEL_03 130BPM G MAJ

– MEL_04 130BPM C# MAJ

– MEL_05 130BPM G MAJ

– Mel_06 130BPM G MAJ

– MEL_07 130BPM C# MAJ

– MEL_08 130BPM C# MAJ

5 Bassline

– BSL_01 130BPM G# MIN

– BSL_02 130BPM G MIN

– BSL_03 130BPM G MAJ

– BSL_04 130BPM D MIN

– BSL_05 130BPM G# MIN

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