Making Music in FL Studio 20: Intermediate TUTORiAL

making music in fl studio 20

Making Music in FL Studio 20 TUTORiAL

P2P | 26 February 2021 | 2.52 GB

So you discovered the power and convenience of FL Studio and are able to create a song. Ready to dive deeper into the world of music production? Look no further, as this intermediate class is designed to introduce you to new skills and a better understanding of arranging, mixing and finalizing your track. You will even learn how to quickly create a chord progression using a provided chord pack. Ready to level up?!

In this class, you’ll gain valuable workflow and production tips and tricks, as well as a deeper understanding of FL Studio signal flow, recording, arrangement and mixing. You will gain understanding of equalization and compression as well as easy ways to improve the sound quality of your productions. Also, you will learn how to add variation and humanize your midi scores, and easily manage midi in the channel rack.

This class is geared towards intermediate FL studio users, so make sure to check out my Beginner class first.

Jump in and gain a new level of understanding the powerhouse music production software FL Studio 20!



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