Logic Pro X- ProTools 2018 V2 Theme Retina

A Protools theme for Logic Pro X 10.4.2 / 10.4.3 / 10.4.4 (retina, non retina)

Protools inspired GUI theme for Logic X. Some might find this useful.

Logic X Theme Installation:

Logic X has a ‘Resources’ Folder where the new theme elements are to be copied to. In order to find the Resources folder – you need to go to the Logic X application and right-click ‘show package contents’. Now navigate to the folder:


First of all – please copy a version of your original ‘Resources’ folder to a safe location on your drive – because you are going to modify the original folder when you make changes.

With a copy safely backed up on your drive – you can now drag or copy the contents of the new theme into your Logic X ‘Resources’ folder. Please ‘replace’ and ‘apply to all’ the components when alerted.

Now open Logic X and you will see the new theme – enjoy!

*Note – you can revert to the old theme by copying your original Resources folder back in if necessary.


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  1. Broken links!! meeen … i want the logic pro themes. but they are for buy… please… put here please!!!

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    1. fixed!

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