Launch Kontrol XXL Script Max for Live

P2P | 31 January 2019 | 4 MB

Produced by Sigabort the LaunchControl XXL Remote script doesn’t require Max4Live, when used in conjunction with the LaunchControl XL you’ll find all the standard functionality with two new User Modes and a few key enhancements…

Display – Ring Focus Box (On screen Red Box to show which tracks are in focus within Session View)

Navigation – User configuration of the number of tracks each press of the Track Left or Right will increment in

Track Control – Track volume & track select

Sends – The option to have three sends as standard rather than just two and the Pan control

Returns – Return Track Control with user configuration

Extended Parameter Device Control – User Six Mode 24 Pots control AutoMaps to the parameters of the currently in focus device

Device left / right & on / off – Navigate within the devices within the track –

Parameter bank up / down – Shift up and Down the organised banks of 24 parameters at a time

PrEditor – Our Isotonik PrEditor Mapping Utility allows you to define what parameters the LaunchControl XL automats to when in focus of the blue hand. Ableton is configured to work sensibly in banks of eight parameters at a time, with the extended control offered with twenty four parameters at a time you’ll want to re-configure the AutoMapping for your Ableton Live Instruments & Effects along with VST’s, AU’s and MaxforLive Devices – MORE DETAILS

Channel Strip – Our additional Control Surface Script Upgrade allows you to control 8 racks across 8 tracks which dynamically follow what’s in focus of the RingFocus Box – MORE DETAILS

MaxforLive Developers – For the more advanced user we’ve made it easier to extend the LaunchControl XL functionality. User Eight Mode has been exposed to Max4Live allowing the more creative to interface directly with the controller without having to disable default functionality!

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