K-Whooms v0.9.10 VSTi VST3 X64 WIN REPACK-RET


K-Whooms v0.9.10 WIN

Team RET | 10 .04. 2020 | 3.39 MB

K-Whooms is a virtual software synthesizer which can be used in any VST2 or VST3 host application on Windows 64-bit operating system (minimum: Win 7). It comes with a clear feature set in order to keep complexity low.



  • Two multi oscillators with basic waveforms saw, square, sine and triangle.
  • Dial in from 1 up to 9 phases steplessly.
  • Spread phases within the frequency spectrum.
  • Widen multi oscillators panorama.
  • Multi oscillator 2 is equipped with sync capabilities.


  • Up to 8 freely assignable slots.
  • Update modulation targets synced to the host tempo.
  • Route Steinberg’s note expression parameters.


  • Chose between 12 filter types.
  • Ladder filter type included.


  • Amplitude, filter and a mod envelope.
  • Mod envelope can be assigned freely.
  • All parameters can be synced to the host tempo.


  • Two LFOs with basic waveforms sine, triangle, square, ramp, saw, random.
  • Speed can be synced to the host tempo.


  • Smoothly adjust from blue over white to pink noise characteristic.
  • Scale-able GUI to 100%, 150% and 200%.
  • Supporting sample rate of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz.
  • Simple Distortion, Stereo Delay and Step Gate effects.

Key features:
2 multi oscillators with 9 phases which can be dialed in steplessly.
8 Modulation slots with target update which can be synced to the host tempo.
4 Steinberg note expression parameters volume, pan, pitch and custom.
12 filter types including ladder type.
Time and rate parameters can be synced to the host tempo.
GUI scalable from 100% to 150% up to 200%.
Simple distortion, stereo delay and stepgate effects.

REPACK : The extension of VST3 file was not correct

U-he like hardcoded hash proection. Only hash is patched, program is not
modified for the best compatibility.


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