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impressionist piano wav fantastic

Impressionist Piano WAV

FANTASTiC | 15 April 2021 | 569 MB

Impressionism was an artistic movement that developed in the late 19th and early 20th century as composers and artists began to create work that sought to evoke tone and mood through abstraction and suggestion rather than overt precision and detail. Musically, composers began exploring nontraditional modes and colorful harmonies to conjure imagery and emotional resonance.

Many contemporary composers have continued this approach, and their work has unsurprisingly found a home in many a cinematic score – serving as a natural compliment to a film’s emotional and tonal potential. With modern technology, modern impressionist composers are now able to explore different recording techniques and lean into the particular qualities of a given piano to further enhance a sense of mood and atmosphere.

Utilizing several pianos (a Model L 1916 Steinway grand, a 1988 Samick upright, and a weathered 1922 Aeolian player piano) along with various mic’ing techniques, pianist and producer Todd Brozman (Proud Creature, Moon Casual) explores impressionism from both a traditional and modern interpretation. Many samples were composed in conjunction with one another and in complimentary keys, allowing for harmonious layerings and juxtapositions. This pack provides endless options for producers looking to develop a piano-based score with natural development and stylistic cohesion, or musicians seeking loops and accents to add moodiness and color to a track.


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