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P2P | 26 February 2021 | 273 MB

The most important high-tech sampling collection “HiTECH NINJA SAMPLES vol.4”  who continues to run at the top of the high-tech scene, “Hitech Ninja”, is here!
Delivered in the highest volume in the series! !!

Just stay out of the gate! The high-tech sound, which should be called the secret Ninpocho, is released generously! It is not necessary to explain that it will be an immediate force for the production of dance music as well as high tech. !! High-tech full-on, psychedelic The perfect library for ninjas who are interested and DTM beginners, and the source of inspiration! In addition, a special demo song newly written by lapix is ​​included! !! !! Even though I’m stealth Exemple dedicated to tomorrow’s rivals that will spread all over the world! Bible! of! Fourth bullet!

•Acid x 15

•Bass x 44
•Fullon BassLine Loops x 13
•HiTECH BassLine Loops x 41

•Claps x 17
•Claps – Ghost note x 12
•Claps – Wet x 12
•Close Hihats x 10
•Close Hihats – Wet x 10
•Close Hihats Loops x 10
•Crash Cymbals x 13
•Crash Cymbals – Wet x 10
•Open Hihats x 12
•Fills x 30
•KickRolls x 12
•Kicks x 20
•Kicks – Ghost note x 10
•Kicks – Wet x 15
•Loops x 37
•Snares x 20
•Snares – Ghost note x 10

•Booms x 11
•Hits x 15
•Impacts x 11
•PsyMisc x 30
•Rises x 10
•Scratchy and Backspin x 15
•Sweep Down x 10
•Sweep Up x 12
•Zaps x 20

•Synths x 85
•Synths HiTECH Loops x 20

•Vocals and Shouts x 58

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