14 April 2018 | 12 MB

Hey! Hey! Hey! How many times have you heard a group of band members shouting in the background of a popular song or production track? Chances are you’re actually hearing our virtual instrument, “HEY!” Jump on the band-wagon and become relevant and trendy faster that you can yell… “Hey!”

Tons of exquisitely sampled voices from around the country! Over a several month period, loads of contributors lent their unique voices to this awesome tool and now it’s available to you!

•Tons of Samples/Tons of Voices
•Wide Male, Wide & Bright, Large, Full, Lite, Female Wide, Barky, Tight
•Super Trendy
•3-Band EQ
•2 Types of Reverb
•Requires Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.6.2 or Higher
•36 MB of Disk Space

[toggle title=”Home page”]https://tinyurl.com/sl6eypf[/toggle]


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