Glitches and Grains TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

glitches and grains tutorial decibel

Glitches & Grains TUTORiAL

DECiBEL | 17 Feb 2021 | 1.50 GB

Stop getting held back by a lack of ideas and dull, boring sound design. Discover how to infuse your tracks with that essential “WOW factor”.

Mastery of granular techniques not only gives your tracks an edge, it opens up a whole new realm of sound design power moves. With this course in your library, you’ll NEVER feel stuck or uninspired again.

The next-level skills you’ll learn in Glitches and Grains will equip you to break through virtually any creative roadblock and maximize your potential in the studio.

Granular effects incorporate the most powerful parts of sampling and synthesis. Granular synthesis smashes audio into tiny grains and re-synthesizes them, resulting in truly unique, futuristic sounds. If you’re looking for your golden ticket to sound design mastery, this is it!

Glitches and Grains puts an array of wicked-powerful new weapons in your sound design arsenal. This course gets super deep into Ableton Live’s power features and unlocks its full potential. Taking this course will reveal workflows and processes that few producers ever discover. Become an Ableton power user by unlocking these epic production secrets.

These crazy hacks and pro tricks will leave your fans mind-blown, FIENDING to hit that replay button.

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