Glass House (Serum Bank)

Glass House (Serum Bank)

P2P | 05 May 2018 | 92 MB

Glass House is a custom created preset bank designed to capture the dreamy and at times moody sound of 6lack’s first album titled “Free 6lack“. The album draws many different influences touching everything from slow ballads to more aggressive synth driven instrumentation, this allowed us to build a complex multi-layered bank that will bring any idea to life in no time!

This bank was designed from the ground up to have all the essentials needed to quickly add a dreamy complexity to your tracks without the headaches. No matter if you’re aiming to simply spice up a boring chord progression with a dramatic, fluid atmospheric pad or just want the perfect lead to cut through a lush R&B track, this bank has you 100% covered.

Fully custom Wave and Noise tables guarantee this will sound nothing like your other libraries and provide the tonal backdrop for a ton of new and exclusive content that will only be found in Glass House. If you’re a fan of 6lack’s music and creative R&B vibes, this is the bank you will not want to miss out on!


This Bank Includes:

Atmospheric Pads
Chord Hits
Groove Pads
Gated Pads
Pumping Pads

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