Filterstation2 v2.1.1 WiN-OSX RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE

Filterstation2 v2.1.1 WiN-OSX RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE

Filterstation2 v2.1.1 WiN-OSX RETAiL

SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 04 2020 | 28 MB

Filterstation 2 has been updated on all platforms (including iOS) to v2.0.5. This is a maintenance update. We’ve also added a demo version.

Filterstation2 is the Audio Damage take on the classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter topology, made famous (and some would say “indispensable”) by the Sherman Filterbank and its many clones. With twelve filter algorithms, an envelope follower with stereo sidechain input, a full FSU section for extra signal hacking, and an easy-to-use interface, Filterstation2 is a valuable addition to any producer’s toolkit.

Filterstation2 takes our original Filterstation plugin, and adds an all-new HiDpi/Retina-capable vector-based UI with resizability, a completely rewritten parameter and DSP section, a full selection of extreme modification tools, ProTools support, an cross-platform XML preset mechanism.


• Twelve different filter algorithms, including MS20 emulation and our classic 914 bandpass and Filterpod lowpass models.

• VCA mode for tremolo and gate effects.

• LFO with twelve different patterns, and both internal and tempo sync modes.

• Envelope follower for dynamic control of filter frequency.

• Serial, parallel, and true stereo operating modes.

• Sidechain input for external signal to envelope follower.

• Easy-to use interface for quick programming.

• Vector-based resizable GUI.

• Cross-platform XML-based preset manager.


> macOS version updated to Universal Binary 2, with Apple Silicon versions added to the installation payload.

> macOS minimum version raised to macOS 10.12 Sierra. Big Sur security theater strikes again



> Filterstation 2 got the new-style preset manager. You can now nest folders up to 2 deep, and you have full control over the factory and user preset folders.

> The 32-bit Windows versions were removed. Filterstation 2 is now 64-bit only on all platforms.

> Linux VST and VST3 versions added (64-bit Ubuntu)

> On macOS, the preset folder location has been changed to ~/Music, to allow for Apple’s sandboxing agenda. You can find the new factory preset folder in ~/Music/Audio Damage/Filterstation once you have instanced the plugin at least once. If you have presets in the old location you have saved, you will need to move them manually. You can find them in /Library/Application Support/Audio Damage/Filterstation. We tried to move them with a script, but that ended in sadness and tears for everyone involved. (Quanta owners will remember the bad old days of a couple months ago.) Better to do it manually so there is no chance of screwing up due to random permissions problems.

> Also on macOS, the minimum OS has been changed to 10.9. This is the earliest macOS we can safely build for while also allowing for Catalina and Big Sur security theatre.


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