FeelYourSound MelodicFlow v1.1.0 WIN x64 x86

Vsti x86 x64 | 2.41 MB

Stop worrying about wrong notes. Concentrate on melodic rhythms instead.
Use MelodicFlow VSTi to create and play stunning basslines, arps, and melodies quickly. You will never sound off, as all your input is mapped to the right notes immediately.

The one thing that makes songwriting challenging
Does the following sound familiar?

You know which chords you want to use in your song, but you have no ideas for the melodies yet.
You want to jam around on your keyboard, but you constantly pick the wrong notes while playing.
You know exactly the “shapes” of your melodies: You know when they should play higher or lower, when they should go up or down. But you have a hard time to put that into notes.
MelodicFlow helps you to play and compose melodies faster than ever before.

This is how it works

Basically, you only have to put the MelodicFlow VSTi plug-in between your keyboard and another instrument. Then you start to jam around on the white keys of the upper octave and MelodicFlow converts your input to safe notes.

Follow these steps to improvise fitting melodies at once:

Connect MelodicFlow to another instrument inside your DAW.
Send chord notes to MelodicFlow on the lower octaves. This way the plug-in knows which harmonies are important for your song.
Pick one of the seven operation modes and choose a scale.
Now play on the white keys of the higher octaves. Depending on the operation mode MelodicFlow will automatically convert these keys to harmonic notes that fit to your chords and the chosen scale.
There are also special black keys that are useful for your songwriting. The C#6 for example will play all the notes of the current chord at once. Take a look at the comprehensive manual to find out more. The video at the top of this page will show you an example for a real life production.

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