EZkeys 2 Core Library v1.0.0 WIN MAC-R2R


EZkeys 2 Core Library v1.0.0 WIN MAC-R2R

Team R2R | 2023.05.20 | 2.5 GB

A grand piano isn’t just iconic in stature and tone, it’s an indisputable songwriting staple. EZkeys 2 comes with an all-new core library featuring a breathtaking instrument captured to offer the broadest possible tonal palette.

A carefully captured Fazioli* F212 grand piano

Recorded at Riksmixningsverket Studio in Stockholm, Sweden

Approx. 4 GB of multi-sampled sounds

Recorded using a Neve* 8068 64-channel console

Captured using spot mics on hammers and strings

Overhead and two secondary room ambiences

Adjustable hammer release and pedal noise controls

Pedals: Sustain, Una Corda (soft pedal) and Sostenuto

Adjustable MIDI controller velocity response


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