Essentials Midi Pack 01 Scales & Chords MiDi [FREE]

essentials midi pack 01 scales & chords midi [free]

Essentials Midi Pack 01 Scales & Chords MiDi [FREE]

FREE | 7,84 MB

This free pack comes with 293 midi files containing all the Major and Minor scales and Triad chords ready to be immediately dropped into your DAW. You’ll also get bonus of both piano and guitar scales and chord charts.

These midi files will show you the available notes that you can use within a chosen scale and key which can come in incredibly handy when trying to create chords and melodies from scratch.

And finally, in addition to just the Major and Minor scales this pack also contains midi files for the following scales: Dorian, Enigmatic, Harmonic Minor, Ionian, Japanese Insen, Lydian, Major Bebop, Melodic Minor, Mixolydian, Neapolitan, Neapolitan Minor, Pentatonic Blues, Pentatonic Major, Pentatonic Minor, Phrygian, and Whole Tone.

Once you’ve got your chords down use our next free MIDI pack to see the most Commonly Used Chord Progressions.

Or if you aren’t a music theory genius try our mouspads with either Piano Scales or Piano Chords to have at your fingertips.

Plus if you also need drums make sure to checkout our Essentials MIDI Pack 02 – Drum Patterns.

What’s Included

293 Midi files
18 Scale Types including Major & Minor
Major & Minor Triad Chords
Major & Minor 4-key Chords
Power Chords
Bonus: Piano Scales & Chords Charts
Bonus: Guitar Chords & Fretboard Charts


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