Epik4 Kontakt edition

Kontakt | 1.0 GB

EPIK4 Kontakt edition is a sample library based on the sounds of KAWAI K4 synthesizer from the late 80s.

The KAWAI K4 was released in 1989 as a competitor of Roland D-50. In this point of view, EPIK4 can be considered as a sister of DEEPFLIGHT, but while the Roland D-50 has a warm analogue character, the K4’s digital filter gives you fuzzy but still warm sounds.


• 270 Kontakt patches in 8 categories
– [All layers]* – 114
– K4 Arp & Short Key – 24
– K4 Atmosphere & Pad – 25
– K4 Bass & Lead (poly) – 22
– K4 Experimental & FX – 10
– K4 Key & PolySynth – 30
– K4 Monosynth – 25
– K4 String & Orchestral – 20

• 1.30 GB multisamples (1140 wav files)

• 12 midi controllable knobs for realtime tweaking and for midi automation of the most important synth parameters

• extensive editing techniques: multiple velocity layers, alternate triggering and sample starts to achieve fat, lively and vivid synth sounds

* The [All Layers] is a special folder for sound designers. It contains all melodic instrument layers separately. The patches are “clean”, without any filter effect and with default envelope settings. They can be useful if you want to create new sounds from scratch.

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